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How About This Idea

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Found it on an Altezza site, some of you might have seen this already. Here it is for those who have not.


What do you all think.
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doesn't look like it would be worth time and effort to install it? and is it a replacement for cars that already come with that style of antenna, or a fake imitation, like they sell for people trying to act like they have an authentic one?
I don't know, I think it would just screw on like ours already do. I wonder if this is something cool to the Japanese or just the person who did this.
i dunno about you, but i think it looks retarded... if i saw an IS300 with that i would think that it had a broken antennae....

and it looks like the guy just took one of hose bending straws and stuck it between.... YECK
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I thought for a second it was broken also, I just thought it might appeal to some of the other people here. I mean really I have seen some weird things done to some IS's here.

The more I look at it it looks photoshopped, it just does not look real. What does anyone else besides me think.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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