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more details:

Details are not set for the school.
However, this is what we are looking at and should do.

Cost $35

Lunch (sandwiches or something of the sort, we did pizza before) with
drinks (soda).
Classroom: Abbreviated course design school. Roger will go over the
typical maneuvers found on course and how the "should" be approached. He
will cover lines and line theory. And anything else he determines cogent.
Track time: Slalom, steady state turns, boxes and off sets, braking,
wheel placement and then we'll put everything together to practice what
we've "learned".

Instructor format: One instructor to maximum of two students.
Instructors will both ride with and watch from outside the car, and when
required drive while you ride, hopefully watching hand and foot technique
to better determine braking and throttle input points.

That doesn't sound like much, but it should be a full and worthwhile day.

James Rogerson
[FP #125] - Techless Racing


you can sign up by sending an email to james at:

[email protected]


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