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Hotchkis sway bars

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Hey guys thought I'd pass this on. I found it on a facebook page. I am back and forth at the moment on pulling the trigger.

HOTCHKIS SPORT SUSPENSION SYSTEMS, PARTS, AND COMPLETE BOLT-IN PACKAGES » Blog Archive 2001-2005 Lexus IS300 Sport Sway Bars from Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Both sway bars for $300 is a smoking deal.
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Right now figs is preordering them with their end links for $500.
I don't think the Figs $500 price point includes the endlinks. It's possible he may adjust the price since the manufacturer has cut it so deeply.
Off the product page, "We decided to team up with Hotchkis to offer the best pricing around as well as coupling with our Front and Rear Sway Endlinks for further system value. "
Ive had Hotchkis nearly as long as the car (bought new). Love em!
I regret my Eibach sway bars. They're just not stiff enough for me.
What gets rid of the most body roll? Eibach or Hotchkis? Is it worth spending the extra 200-300$
Hotchkis are stiffer.
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