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Horrible vandalism, Lexus adds to problem

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Three weeks ago, *three*, someone took a golf club and smashed the windshield of my 2 week old IS300! That is sickening enough, but Lexus says that there are no molding parts necessary to replace the windshield in the US! #*%(#%&#%& They are on the slow boat from Japan now, I think.

They should have replacement parts available when they roll out a new product!!!
This makes me sick...

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It happened down in Austin, visiting parents. Parked on the street, stupid, stupid, stupid. Woke up next morning to glass in the street, looked up and saw the window, ugh. Spent hours vacuuming glass dust out.

It was a nice neighborhood and I assumed people would respect property of others... So wrong. Of course, the police were no help in a case like this. In Dallas, I'm going to put cameras all around outside (and the car in the garage when I get it back).

Lexus really should have replacement parts readily available...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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