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Horrible vandalism, Lexus adds to problem

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Three weeks ago, *three*, someone took a golf club and smashed the windshield of my 2 week old IS300! That is sickening enough, but Lexus says that there are no molding parts necessary to replace the windshield in the US! #*%(#%&#%& They are on the slow boat from Japan now, I think.

They should have replacement parts available when they roll out a new product!!!
This makes me sick...

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Not quite sure what you mean about a taste of Dallas and Houston but if you mean it's turning in to a big city, okay.

Originally posted by hy_syde:
dang man, that really sux... i've lived in austin for a few years now, and from the outside (high tech, growing metro, lotsa green) austin looks great... but underneath it is has a taste of dallas and houston.

i would bet it was some middle/upper class snots out looking to hit mailboxes and decided Lexus would do just as well...

waiting for parts adds to the injury.
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