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Honestly Now...WHat's the fastest you've gotten your car to

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Honestly guys, what's the fastest you guys have gotten in your IS? I hit 107 to 111 I think...I've yet to find a nice straight road to go up to like 130 to 140...oh well!
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I hit 135+ but ran out of room to push it to 140.
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this guy apparently hit over 130...

i know in the supra i've done over 155...on a bike, we've done 160
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Um...55 mph.

After all, that is the speed limit.

01 IJM w/LSD, 5Zigen wheels, Toyo Proxes, 5Zigen exhaust, Blitz filter, TRD race sway bars, TRD adj. shocks & springs (both pending install).
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110, real quick and smooth.
I've been to 140.
Since we live near each other and use the same roads, I am curious which road you did this on? The roads where I have hit my highest speeds are I-75 or US27, but I am always too nervous about cops to get over 120. Any suggestions?
105 on the I5 in CA
about a 147-148 I was racing an RX7 on the Blue route at 3 am.. rev limiter kicked in
Ive hit 130mph and would have went more but ran out of freeway room.
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110 in a freeway. I'm looking for a better place to go up to top speed in Washington
137+ on the 91 near the 110 in LA. ran into my speed limiter...
132 on the I-90 floating bridge here in Washington.
I've gone 110 in my 4Runner and was stupid enough to hit 155 in a borrowed SL600.
120 w/ 4 people in the car and a group called "AT THE DRIVE-IN" blasting really loud on my radio!!
143.7mph (one day)
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Just last Sat. night/Sun. morning hit just under 130 in my BMW, racing a friend. I've gotta do something about the speed limiter, because from the sound of it if I raced against an IS300 I'd get killed...

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