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sup peeps, just wanna say hi to everybody here :D been browsing this site for a few months, SITE IS DAMN DOPE!!! :eek:

rollin in a 2003 lexy

is300 community out here is quite small compared to hondas, wrx's, and sr20s

having immediate plans on droppin some meds on my car (turbo) just tryin to decide on between SRT stage 2 kit or PFS stage 2 kit... ... ?

SRT stage 2
cons- running higer compression
- fixed piggy fuel ecu (no adjustibility)
- hearing problems of trac light, cel on along with misfires :oops:
- 6-8 weeks earliest delivery time :oops: sometimes hella longer

PFS stage 2
cons- damn bouts 3 grand mo :eek:

after my intense research and talkin to both companies and local tuners, I'm pretty sure on going with the pfs kit.

I know you get what you pay for but what do you guys think?

thanks a bunch!!! local boy from hawaii
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