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Hit and Run

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F!ck...some bastard left a dent in my bumper about the size of a BK whopper while my car was parked in a Walmart parking lot and didn't even leave a note or anything.
I checked in some older threads and called my dealer and found out that it would cost about $600 to get a new bumper cover installed. Should I go through my ins ? I have $0 ded., but I dont want my ins to go up.

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Reefa, most insurance companies won't raise your rates if it's a "hit and run" all you would have to do is pay the deductable which is nothing for you.. Hit and run isn't considered your fault, and as long as there is no property damage, your in the clear. I've the same problem as you, but luckily with my old escort and not the is300

01 is300
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