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Hit and Run

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F!ck...some bastard left a dent in my bumper about the size of a BK whopper while my car was parked in a Walmart parking lot and didn't even leave a note or anything.
I checked in some older threads and called my dealer and found out that it would cost about $600 to get a new bumper cover installed. Should I go through my ins ? I have $0 ded., but I dont want my ins to go up.

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Thanks man....I was rear ended in my old car by a Ford F150 before, but was in another state. I dont think the accident shows up on my license in Illinois. I can easily afford to fix it on my own. Also my ins company is State Farm, and I have heard they dont use new parts...but in the case of the IS I dont think they will have a choice.

Originally posted by ShoRoom_IS300:
It depends on a few things. 1)Have you been in a accident before? if so it might go up... so if you can afford it to get it fixed without going though your insurance do that! 2) If you have never reported an accident before. Then let your insurance company fix it. It shouldn't go up! Just my own personal experience in ST. Louis, with State Farm insurance. There is some guy in here that works for an insurance Co. can't remember his name. Hope this helps a little!
ShoRoom_IS300 : About 300 miles...Schaumburg is a suburb of Chicago.

ISisBest : Yep...around 600 for a rear bumper cover painted and installed.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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