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hi im new

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i might be getting a 01 is300 and im wondering if there is any way of doing a auto-manual conversion ? i searched but didnt get anything
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Don't even think about it or bother. Just get a 2002 Manual.
I agree with Alex. It is seriously not worth the work. Keep looking for a good deal on a 2002. I had to do the same thing... some ppl just aren't satisfied unless they have a clutch.

just go with 2002 5spds, you will have reliability issue when swap the tranny.

here i'm w/ accord w/ AT and once thought about going with H22 w/ 5spds manual tranny swap but after doing all necessary research, my conclusion came down to the point where i better go with 5spds manual built car instead.
i'm trying to buy the 2004 IS300 w/ manual tranny now days. :D

yeah, don't even bother to swap out the tranny, the money that you will spend on tranny swap will be equal amount to the dollar value difference between 2001 & 2002 IS300, why not just go with better year & the spec you want, w/o sacrificing the value of your ride.

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If you have an extra 10K to play with, go for it. :crazy:
Otherwise, follow other's example/advice.
Go with an 02 or 03 5 Speed, waste too much time and money trying to convert an 01 auto to a 5 speed.

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