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I recently crashed my 02' WRX that had 282WHP. I am now going to be getting an IS300. I know that the IS will not feel anywhere near as fast as my WRX but I have already been looking into supercharger kits for the IS.

Anyway, my question is. How come this site does not have a vendor forum? I am used to and there are vendor forums where vendors pay to sell thier products on the site. I bought ALL of my aftermarket goodies through the vendor forums because you couldnt find them cheaper anywhere else. The vendors would compete to have the lowest prices on the same product which was awesome for me (the consumer).

I have noticed the .net store on this site and I figured it was run by the Admins of this site. Can anyone tell me if thier prices are REALLY competitive with online sites prices? I havent researched much but I look forward to getting to know the IS300.

Thanks guys,

ps. Here is a pic of my old car. It had more stuff on it since this pic but I havent taken any updated pics and unfortunetaly I crashed it a week ago.

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.NET Store prices are decent.
There are a few tuners producing turbo and/or supercharger kits.
If you lurk a little through go-fast forum, you'll know who they are.
They do compete against each other. You need to contact/visit web site of each tuner to get their pricing. There is only a handful, so a few hours worth of research will produce positive results.
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