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I know its a bit belated, but I just received November's SPORTSCAR Mag yesterday so...


Derek Butts
Teresa Neidel-McKee
Michael Eckert
Al Aberson
Chris Cline
Nick Roberts
Steven Roberts

Its great to see how many IS300 drivers there were in this year's event.
You make me proud to be autocrossing mine! Maybe someday I will be right there with you.

In my region I am the only one driving an IS so people still don't really know of the car's potential yet, so maybe once my driving improves I will get there too!

Well, just wanted to extend my props! Good job guys/girls!

P.S. Derek... I've decided to stick around in DSP. STX is waaay beyond me (and my car) right now. I think this will be my home anyway. I'll keep you updated on things. Thanks for the advice.
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