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hey don corleone stickers

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hey don who do i talk to locally about getting some ggp stickers?
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to be honest, i dont know. i knew a local guy who works for a sign shop and had shet at home make stickers for my old car club, but i dunno where he is now.

i just ordered mine from Tony, only took a few days to get here and it beats driving to a place, getting them to match the font, match the color and driving home. i actually ordered two pair from Tony, i have a pair of black ones layin around, prolly install em on my monitor where i have my altezza emblem.
i could use a few mhz extra refresh rate.

there might be a few websites that do stickers, i dunno about the color matching, but... im still tryin to find the url that mrmark said did his brake caliper emblems...

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