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well, i've now had them both. here's my opinion should you choose to care!

first and foremost (and like many people have said before) one isn't better than the other. it's just a matter of what you're looking for. yes, the race yellows are stiffer than the ltuned/eibachs. however, there is still some roll with the yellows. not much, but it's there so don't expect to take tight 90 degree corners at 60. 50 maybe, but not 60 8)

seriously though, imo, there is a bigger difference much between ltuned and stock than there is between ltuned and race. i don't care what the stiffness percentages say.

another difference between the two is weight. the ltuned are quite a bit heavier.

driving wise, the ltuned/eibachs were much stiffer when pushed hard than when just cruising around corners. some of this could be attributed to the eibach pro-kit springs but i doubt the springs have THAT much impact, even if they are progressive. the roll while cruising around corners has been pretty much eliminated with the yellows. not that it matters, just pointing it out.

so, going back to the differences, it's there, but i wouldn't say it's night and day. it all goes back to what you're looking for. if you want to save some cash and want to greatly reduce roll but don't mind if there's a little play left, the ltuned will be just fine. if you want to stick with toyota parts and want as little roll as possible regardless of the price, get the yellows.

anyway, get what you think YOU need. i just got the yellows because i did want a bit less roll but more importantly, a friend was able to hook me up.
in any case, just get sways, red, yellow, white, purple, whatever. you won't be disappointed.

good luck
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