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Here is my new Lexus!

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Hello my name is Paul and I’ve just purchased a 2011 IS250 C. I am planning to take a trip around the country starting sometime in May. I live in New Jersey near Philadelphia and will go south down the Blue Ridge Parkway the Natchez trace Parkway to Houston to see my brother then west on back roads across. The southwestern US to LA then up one and 101. To northern Washington across the Cascades there on route 200 across Montana then north of Lake superior to Sudberry Ontario (we’re on a motorcycle trip in the year 2000 I saw evidence of the meteor that hit what is now the Sudberry area 2 billion years ago. I want a sample of that rock!) and then back to Philadelphia.
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That's a helluva trip. Have fun and good luck!
Nice, I did a similar road trip once (also in May), just in the other direction. I went counter clockwise around the country, and it included going down all of the Pacific Coast Highway route 1 /101 and up the Blue Ridge Parkway. It should be a blast!
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