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Kanine21 said:
phamous101 said:
becareful.... im not sure if IS3's are interference motors or not but if u dont have the crank and cams timed right, the pistons could be hitting the valves!!!! dont try to start it untill u can turn the crank all the way around a couple of times by hand
You may be absolutly right. I thought for sure that the engine was non-interference, but I believe the valves are hitting and I might possibly have screwed them up.

Might have to take the head off tomorrow to check it out, but I fear the worst.

f*ck, can't believe a fricken cam gear install turned into sh*t so fast.

RIGHT before I get my exhaust and wideband too, yeah, how magical. :roll:

I'll keep you guys updated,

The IS300 motors are INTERFERENCE motors, you must not turn the crank once you have the crank aligned for changing the timing belt (same procedure for changing the cam gears). The alignment procedure is to rotate the crank until you have the #1 piston on TDC; check for the cam mark with the cam cover and align the WHITE mark on the crank pulley to 0. Then Rotate the Crank Pulley Counter Clockwise 60 degrees until the YELLOW mark on the crank pulley lines upto 0. The cams should be exactly FOUR teeth away from TDC. Now you can change the Timing belt, Cam gears, Cams, etc. It is very helpful to remove all the T/B covers when doing this. Good Luck.

PS. Before taking the head off, put everything back together and check your compression to see if you damaged anything. i.e. bent any valves.
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