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Help..What is the "BG Deposit Control Kit".......

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It's included in most of the services for the IS300.

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I get to answer my own question.
Just returned from our 10,000 mile service (w/13,100) on the car. The "BG Depostit Control Kit " consist of one can of fuel injector cleaner poured into fuel tank. And one can of oil preservative poured into the engine oil fill w/ oil change. The kit cost approx $30.
My son and I stayed with the car as usual as the tech serviced it.
I can honestly say that this was the last service that Lexus will do for us. Not because of the level of service because Hendrick Lexus Of Charlotte is AWESOME!

It's because I service our other vehicles and this one is just as easy to service as any other car. The secret to easily removing the oil filter from the top side is this.
Get you a block of wood and gently wedge it between the Engine and the driver's side fender well. This slightly moves the engine over and the oil filter slips right out.

BTW, Hendrick Lexus has the ECU updates.
I was asked if I wanted it. Of course I said no. And several of the techs there said GOOD CHOICE Because they have done several and the one's they've done the people wern't happy with the outcome.

They complained that the transmission felt sluggish afterwaerds.
And the fix IS NOT reversable.

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