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Ok, im not sure if this is steering or suspension related.
Here are some problems Ive been having

- Shifty driving on the highway. The car seems to track from side to side while driving at high speeds

- When going over any type of bump (speed bump, rough road, or any rough terrain) my steering wheel has a mind of its own.

- When slowing down to a stop, sometimes the steering wheel will start to turn itself - sometimes left, sometimes right -and the car follows.

- Mostly at idle or moving with my foot not on gas or brake (ex. fast food drive thru) There is a vibration in the car. I can mimic the vibration by turning my steering wheel left or right.

Ok so ive taken the car to numerous dealerships and all they do is basically try and sell me a 90k service which ive done. My only mods are bilstein struts and prokit springs.

Also back in august i had the ignition cylinder replaced. In the invoice lexus recomended a new steering column. Could that be one of my problems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
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