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My IS has too much negative camber (tilt inward)on the rear driver side. I found the adjustment bolts, but need help on it.
1. - how much to turn?
2. - which direction to turn for the positive camber (tilt outward)?
3. - does it effect the toe in/out??
4. - anything I have to be careful on?

Many thanks for your help. I did a search but didn't come up with anything.


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the only accurate way to adjust your camber is to have the car put on a four wheel alignment rig and adjusted to the correct specs as just adjusting the camber can affect the tracking and you will never 'guess' it.
hope this helps

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You need a shop with one of those alignment racks that uses a laser to properly align your IS. If you need the correct specs here they are:

Front Wheels:
Camber: -0.5
Castor: 0.1
Toe: -0.05

Rear Wheels:
Camber: -0.9
Toe: 0.1

Remember, when a shop does a 4 Wheel Alignment, they need to adjust the Camber and Castor FIRST, then the Toe. Also, the shop needs to adjust the Toe on your rear wheels FIRST, then the front wheels. Make sure that the grease monkeys get it right or else, it is a complete waste of your time and money.

We are fortunate to have adjustments for Toe as well as Camber. Most vehicles, such as the 3 series BMW's only have Toe adjustments, thus if anything is goes wrong with their camber, they need to buy camber kits to make up the difference, essentially a shim kit.

Beware of idiot alignment shops that may tell you "oh, yeah you don't need adjustments for toe and camber for your rear wheels, only the front, etc." Also, a good shop should not charge over $60 for a 4 wheel alignment for camber and toe. You can usually find a place for around $50. Our beautiful local Lexus dealer:$160. No wonder they have such nice furniture in the owners' lounge.

Good luck

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