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Hello Guys I'm New and Need some Help...

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What's up guys...
My name is Eugene, from the Tri-state area and i recently purchased a 2001 Lexus IS300 on june 23rd. I got all options except for the 17 inch summer wheels. I got it for 31.5K How does that compare with the people that have recently purchased?
I ran into this forum and decided to register because I will need help and opinions on after market stuff. FIrst thing I would like to do after getting tints is a set of Rims. Which 5 spoke 18s look the best on the IS300. My IS300 is Millenium Silver and Black interior. I'm thinking about getting the Racing Hart M5s, but they seem expensive. Any suggestions or ideas?
The next thing after the rims is getting a TV/DVD player in the car. I don't want to mess with the 6CD changer and was wondering where i can find space or a creative way to install it one.
I'll be posting often so I hope to get to know all of you soon with any suggestions you may give. Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum, Eugene.

Probably the best thing to do is to split your post into two parts, and post the rims question in the Wheels forum and the DVD player question in the Interior/Exterior forum. Those forums (fori?) are set up for those types of questions, especially since a sales rep. from Tirerack frequents the Wheels forum and can readily answer that question.
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