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i've been wondering why it seemed like people just ignore me when i honk at them. it turns out that one of my horns wasn't producing any sound, which resulted in a weak and pathetic sounding honk. they probably didn't hear me all this time. that changes today, i got me a pair of HELLA Sharptone Horns! the install was very simple, but i thought i'd document it anyway. so here you go!

socket wrench
10mm socket
12mm socket
wire stripper
crimping tool
heat gun

Optional Tools (if you plan to paint the horn like i did):
philips screwdriver
7mm wrench

1 x (HELLA Sharptone Horns)
2 x (14g wire ~9 inches)
2 x (ring terminal)
2 x (female quick disconnect terminal)
and various sized heat shrink tubes (i used 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm tubing)

Optional Supplies (if you plan to paint the horn like i did):
400 grit sand paper
spray paint

Step 1: Remove front bumper. There are guides on this forum for this part if you don't know how.

Step 2: Disconnect ground wire from battery (any time when working with electrical stuff in general).

Step 3: Remove 2 12mm bolts that hold the horn.

Step 4: Disconnect the positive (+) wires from the horns.

Step 5: Create the ground wires. (sorry i didn't take pics of each step here)
- put heat shrink tubes on wire
- strip the wires about 5mm on both ends of wire
- crimp ring terminal on one end
- crimp female quick disconnect terminal on other end
- move heat shrink so that it covers the crimp areas
- use heat gun on the heat shrink
- the completed ground wire should look like the bottom wire
- repeat again so that there's 2 ground wires total

Step 6 (Optional): Remove 6 screws from each horn cover.

Step 7 (Optional): Sand the horn covers with 400 grit sand paper, then spray paint the horn covers.

Step 8 (Optional): Reassemble the horns. Use 7mm wrench to hold nut on rear while tightening with Philips screwdriver.

Step 9: Connect positive (+) wires to each horn, then connect ground wires to each horn.

Step 10: Attach the horns back onto the car with the 2 12mm bolts.

Step 11: Remove the 2 10mm bolts that hold the hood latch, and use these 2 10mm bolts to secure the ground wire. Tuck wires away for neatness.
(the 12mm bolt that holds the horn is what is originally used with the oem horns as the ground. feel free to use this bolt as a ground instead if you have a ring terminal large enough for it. the largest ring terminals in my tool box would only fit on the 10mm bolt, which is why i'm doing it this way.)

Step 12: Reinstall front bumper.

boom. horn install complete! :)

here's me testing out the HELLA Sharptone Horns:

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glad you changed the garish yellow! :p
lol yeah i really wasn't feeling the yellow. i didn't want anything to be visible through the grill so i opted for something more stealthy. Hella Horns seem to be pretty popular with the Subie community though, those guys paint their horns all kinds of colors!

So, are those extra ground wires even required?
yes, the ground wires are required. the horns do not work if the ground wires are not connected properly. the mounting brackets are definitely metal, but do not serve as a ground connection.
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