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If you guys have read the thread about the Daytime Running Light disabling...

On the passenger of the engine, there is a heat sink. If you unplug it, you disable the running lights.

On the driver side, there is another heat sink similar to the passenger side. This heat sink has a black cover over it. To see the heat sink, you'll have to look from the back of the car to the front. Does anyone know what this does? TEG perhaps?

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I have been wondering that myself...

I had a theory that it might be to get +5v for the computers (ECUs) that seem to be in the black box in front of that thing, but I unplugged it for a moment with the motor running and the car kept running fine.

Please - if anyone finds out please let me know!

Also - what is in the black box in front of that? There appears to be alot of electronic componentry which is water protected and air cooled (via a snorkel going to the radiator).
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