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Has anyone tried the GS4s P235/45R17

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Just wondering if anyone upgraded the tires on their IS300 to P235/45R17 Z-Rated Bridgestone Potenza RE030, optional on the GS400/430??
I'm sure the car can handle em, and it would look even better (as if that were possible) with munchier tires.
I wonder how much they'd cost if purchased seperately.

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If you can have the dealer swap tires, then thats a great idea. If your looking to buy upgrade tires you should really look at the Bridgestones highest performance tire, the S02 Pole Positions (stock on some Porsches). The RE030 are in the Ultra High Performance catagory and the S02 PPs are in the Max Performance catagory. The S02 PPs are actually cheaper in the size you want. Check out the survey result at

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