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Has anyone almost died because they were looking at your car

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A kid almost got hit by a garbage truck when he was crossing the street and staring at my IS giving me a thumbs up. I was looking at him smiling and all that when a truck was making a left hand turn, luckily his friends saw the truck and pulled him back. Hmmm....
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Let's see. I've had the following incidents:
1. Cutie in a Jetta (I'll forgive her) came about 1/2 inch from rear-ending someone.
2. Two adorable girls in an is300 styled me out by letting me into a bumper-to-bumper lane of traffic. I rolled down my window, and said to them, "Nice car." They looked at me with this, "Oh, please" look. Then they saw my IS. After that there was just a lot of high pitched squealing. During their gittiness, I slipped in front of them. If you're out there, ladies...THANKS!
3. Some dude was pacing it off to see if it would fit in his driveway.
4. Lots of random people looking inside.
5. Lots of random questions.

Here's a trick: If you catch someone staring inside your parked car from a distance, hit the panic button on your key. Gets 'em every time...

'01 Black Onyx
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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