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Has anybody bought from one dealer, and ...

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...had there service done by a closer dealer?

I'm sure there have been a few, but I want to know if there is any "bad" feelings from a dealer takng car of your car that you bought somewhere else just because of a better deal.

Let me know any experiences. thanks
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Not Lexus dealer. You will get quality service wherever you go.
There shouldn't been any problems w/service.

My in-laws bought a Lexus from out of state and the local Lexus dealership gladly does the service.
I just had my 5000 mile service done at another dealer. It's the same. I even had the other dealer's plate frame on my car but was treated well. They had free food which my original dealer never had.
I did. I bought mine at a different dealer than I have the services done at. I went to that dealer first and gave them a chance because they are closer. They didn't satisfy me, nor take me seriously, so I bought somewhere else.

Now, when I go in for service I get a look from the salesman, but who really cares about those chumps anyways. I have greater respect for garbage men that car salesmen.

The Service is what matters, and the service there is pretty darn good.

By the way it is Lexus of Oxnard I service at and Keyes Lexus is where I bought it at. Keyes Service is good too, but just too far.

Lexus of Oxnard salesmen missed out: My sister bought an RX300 2 weeks later, and my mom bought one too about a month after that. They bought theirs from the same salesman I got mine from.
Keyes Lexus gave u a great deal? The folks I talked to wouldn't take an offer of 30K for a loaded IS (minus the LSD/heated seats) when the $1000 rebate still existed. They even had guts to say that there wasn't any rebate. I simply went to Lexus of Glendale and got the same car for 29.2K (and the salesman acknowledged there was a rebate).
Generally speaking, all car dealers make more money in the service department than they do on the sales floor. Lexus is no exception.
So. buying your IS300 at one dealer and then going to another for service should present no problems...especially with Lexus - they are manic about "customer satisfaction."
The Service Manager could care less where you bought your car. He/She will be glad to see you for service anytime.
I tried to do this and the dealer that I didnt buy the car from had no problem doing the service, but said they wouldnt drop off a loaner car b/c I didnt buy my car from them. Anyone get the drop off service from a dealer they didnt buy their car from???
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Originally posted by Leader:
[QB]Generally speaking, all car dealers make more money in the service department than they do on the sales floor. Lexus is no exception.
Actually one of my relatives is the sales manager at a local lexus dealership and it turns out that many lexus dealers actually lose money on the their service departments. I'm not sure why, but it's simply not an option to not offer service. Having good service sells cars and generates repeat business.
I was under the impression that Lexus reimbursed its dealers for service performed - especially now that many routine services are included in the price of the cars. I know that warranty service is paid for by corporate to the individual dealers.
But, if your relative says otherwise. Then the system must have changed.
well there are just so many expenses that accompany service. one of the biggest are loaner cars. this particular dealer maintains a fleet of around 35-40 loaners. that is pretty typical for many dealers. the payments on these cars alone run some dealerships like 30,000-40,000 a month! that's a lot of money. that's part of the reason why the thread about driving a loaner car to vegas is ridiculous. talk about ruining your relationship with your service guy. it's not a good service to take advantage of.
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