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Hard decision GS400/IS300?

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We are looking for a new or used Lexus, My better half likes the IS300 and I like the GS400 also. I know that there is a Huge price difference so we had decided on a 01 Black/Black IS300 with these options:
Graphite wheels
Heated seats
Limited slip diff
power moonroof

But this morning I ran acorss a 99 GS400 Black/ black, chrome wheels, NOTYOURMAMA
stereo with the 17 chrome wheels. the car has 25K miles and is $30K Which one would you do?
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Sorry it was a 98.....
that is what I thought also. What i have been told is that it depends on which book you look in. A friend of mine faxed me this page of "Black book" this is the dealer price guide on used vehicles.
98 gs400
extra clean $33500
clean $32700
average $29900
rough $26600

He also said that all cars are average or rough.

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I dont know what to do, I have also found two more on the autotrader. they have high miles though. both of them are in the mid 20's
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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