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Hard decision GS400/IS300?

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We are looking for a new or used Lexus, My better half likes the IS300 and I like the GS400 also. I know that there is a Huge price difference so we had decided on a 01 Black/Black IS300 with these options:
Graphite wheels
Heated seats
Limited slip diff
power moonroof

But this morning I ran acorss a 99 GS400 Black/ black, chrome wheels, NOTYOURMAMA
stereo with the 17 chrome wheels. the car has 25K miles and is $30K Which one would you do?
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I was in that boat myself... did i want to go 98GS3 for 33k or brand new IS for 35k. I am glad i went IS... A mechanic at the dealer told me that they seen a lot of GS's come in for service and they look BEAT! seems to get a lot of abuse. HE siad it is very hard to find a really good close to certified GS out there. he said he would even second guess the Lexus certified GS's. He finally made a good point... why not be satisfied for spending 35k ob brand new, than worrying about what may go wrong at 33k.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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