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Hard decision GS400/IS300?

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We are looking for a new or used Lexus, My better half likes the IS300 and I like the GS400 also. I know that there is a Huge price difference so we had decided on a 01 Black/Black IS300 with these options:
Graphite wheels
Heated seats
Limited slip diff
power moonroof

But this morning I ran acorss a 99 GS400 Black/ black, chrome wheels, NOTYOURMAMA
stereo with the 17 chrome wheels. the car has 25K miles and is $30K Which one would you do?
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That is under book value and surprises me. I would want to know why the seller is so eager to realize a loss OR why is the dealership selling this car way under book.
Kerr, it's true this is the closest thing to a Bible for dealers (black book) but that doesn't translate into zero profit for them. Besides, anyone in this forum could sell a clean '99 G4 with 25K miles on it TO a dealer for north of 30K. This scenario doesn't make sense. Do more research or the price is bogus.
I decided on a 98 GS 400 with 60K on it BUT, I had my father give the note back to Lexus (smartbuy) and Lexus certified it just under the wire. 17s, GPS, 3com tint/subtle pintstriping thrown in for 33K. Believe me, the IS is very cool and the new car smell is hard to give up but the power, room, prestige, and yes, as animal pointed out slower depreciation added up to my buying the G4. It has been stellar.
I've got another two years that's bumper to bumper (GE through Lexus) that even covers electrical. The point is that you absolutely can't go wrong either way.
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