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Happy new owner

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Hey guys and gals just wanted to say hello. Just bought a 2004 IS Graphite pearl, alcantra, e-shift with chrome wheels. So far nothing but smiles. :D I have a feeling I will be using the search button a whole lot. Glad to be part of your community, thanks.
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Congrats and Welcome!
I also just picked up a new IS300 on Wednesday. And you are right, nothing but smiles so far!
Now to the important stuff....

Post some pics! :D
congrats....reppin the factory chromes. I get a lot of compliment....surely you will too. (Maybe not as many as some get for there 18s and 19s though)
congrats w/c bro!!!
congrats. and welcome bro. :wink:
Welcome to the family! Enjoy and drive safely in your IS. :D

Congrats, and welcome. Now get out there and auto-x, so you can really see what the car does.
Congrats and welcome post some pics up if you get a chance be nice to see your car! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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