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Carscoop said:
For the fifth time in the past two years, the Guinness World Record title for the tightest parallel parking job has changed hands.

Previous titleholders include Ronny Wechselberger from Germany, who parked a VW Polo in a space measuring 26cm (10.24-inches) longer than that of his car, Zheng Da Zong from China, who did the same but with a gap of 24cm (9.45-inches) and Patrik Folco from Italy who broke the record at 22cm (8.66 in).

The latest record was achieved by Han Yue from China, who was able to neatly drift a MINI Cooper S into a space of just 15cm (5.91 in) longer than his vehicle during an attempt at the Beijing launch of a new special edition of the British hatchback named "The Chinese Job".

Watch Yue's successful attempt in the video after the jump.
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