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The GTE made it in. It started. BUT I lost motivation trying to keep my bay visually friendly, so it is a mess in there. I'm planning on doing a bunch of relocating and wire (hiding). I've been looking a lot of different set-ups. I'll be posting pics before, during and whenever I decide completed.

Gotta love that tax refund.

Ideas so far:

- Engine harness through heater core tubing. Remove back wall of glove box for access to ECU, Igniter, Diagnostic port.
- ABS -------> under master cylinder.
- P/s reservoir -------> near ABS
- A/c plumping ran parallel to fuel rail. Move High & Low ports near oil dipstick.
- Polishing Intake and Throttle Body. (Maybe paint to match color of steel lines to help them blend in.))
- FOV component's wires through fenders.
- Remove any unnecessary Brackets/Clips & touch up bay paint.
- Fuse & Relay box(s) ---------> Spare Tire compartment.
- Hoses all replaced and routed better. (((Radiator w/ upper hose port on passenger side.))
- Windshield washer delete???
- Remove Hood Insulation & Wrap.
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