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GTA IS300 Club - First Drive - Algonquin Park

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I'm planning to organize a drive up to Algonquin Park this Saturday morning leaving Toronto at about 8AM (to avoid highway patrols) - plan to avoid the major routes - if you are interested email me at [email protected]

sorry about the short notice...
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Dear Fellow IS300 Drivers of the GTA:

Pretty soon winter will be coming and were all going to have to purchase winter tires. I was hoping we could all get together and plan a group purchase on Winter tires and rims. The date of our meeting will be unofficially scheduled for:

Saturday, October 28th @ 12:00pm

the location: Second Cup @ COMMERCE GATE (HWY 7)

Please let me know through email [email protected]

Happy IS Cruising

P.S. We'll probably parade our IS's and go on a leisure drive after the meeting =)
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