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Finally someone who makes Quality Metal for our interiors....This guy is serious about his work and I am trying to convince him to make some stuff for the IS300.
Here is his website


Unlike all the so called 'real metal' dash kits that are all JUNK. This guy has 10 different metals that you can choose from 10 !!. How would you like the "Black Chrome" that is on your shift knob and surrounding you shiftgate made into dash pieces, very few select pieces?? This is trick stuff that looks the part as well. Then Check out the floor mats...Diamond plate for floor mats?? Looks different, I like it.
If I can get a few guys interested in here to show some interest I will call him (we spoke many times) to tell him to start on our IS as a project. He needs to know it is worth his efforts. Any takers???
Forget the Brushed thin cheap aluminum stuff or even that poor excuse for the epoxy coated aluminum they sell, get the real deal....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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