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Greyish Purple IS ??

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OK guys, this is no joke. Maybe the owner of the IS I'm about to describe is someone on this board.

I was parking at my gym in LA (LA Fitness on Wilshire in LA)and walking to the stairs when this IS completely caught my attention. It still had dealer things in the license plate frame (Jim Faulk Lexus Beverly Hills) and was frigin Greyish Purple color!!

Needless to say, not a a color that I've known the IS to come in. My first impression was that it might be a new 2002 color, but it's way too early. I took a close look inside, Auto transmission, and no Nav or armrest, so definitely a 2001.

I don't claim to know much about paint jobs but the greyish purple color looked like factory. It had a serious spoiler painted the same color obviously and definitely some crazy 19 or 20" rims. they stuck out about an inch and a half from the wheel well.

Does anyone know of this color combo? Anyone seen this car?

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It's just a custom paint job. Anyone could have it done for a price.
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