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....The same hypocrisy thrives in the sports world. The WNBA and XFL suffered the same woeful ratings and limited audiences ... so why has the WNBA been given six years to succeed when the XFL was cancelled after three months? Female reporters and broadcasters want to be given the same chances as their male counterparts ... isn't it ironic how some capitalize on their looks to get ahead? Why can female reporters walk into NBA locker rooms when players are dressing, yet male reporters can't walk into WNBA locker rooms? If colleges exist to make profits, how is Title IX constitutional when it eliminates money-making programs in favor of programs that don't earn a dime? And if colleges exist to provide education, why would they possibly admit rent-an-athletes like DaJuan Wagner and Eddie Griffin? Which is it? Why the two orders, Colonel Jessup?

Again, I'm just pointing this stuff out. I support Title IX, I would much rather watch Bonnie Bernstein than Armen Keteyian, and the XFL sucked just as much as the WNBA does. But you can't have it both ways. For instance, the most fascinating sport of the past decade has been women's tennis, mainly because they exploit the talents and sex appeal of their players, market the hell out of them, and appeal to men and women. And nobody says a peep. Men aren't allowed to say why we're really watching -- because the sport has more grunting, bouncing, flapping and sweating than the average Skinemax movie -- so we make up lame excuses like "They have more rallies" and "They have more personality than the men." Translation: We like breasts.....

......Whatever happens, one thing will never change: Sometimes, guys just enjoy hanging out with other guys. Unfortunately, we aren't as creative and ingenious as women. The only male bonding vehicles we ever came up with? Sports, beer, golfing, Vegas, fantasy drafts, video games, strip joints, poker, Golden Tee and NFL Sundays. Guys can't interact for extended periods of time unless there's some sort of attention-consuming buffer. We can't just say "let's go to dinner," gab about our lives for two hours, glance through some photos, get bombed on two glasses of Chardonnay and call it a successful night. And we can't interact quite as happily and naturally with a woman in the room, mainly because we're always afraid of what we might say or do.

That's what this whole Augusta thing was about -- these old geezers are trying to preserve the only form of male bonding they have left. To all the females reading this, don't hate these guys. Feel sorry for them. Pity them. You are turning their pathetic world upside down. If you can't appreciate that, then maybe -- just maybe -- you're the ones being shortsighted about this whole thing.
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