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Gran Turismo 2

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Recently, I started to play Gran Turismo 2 again... out of curiosity, I went to the Toyota section and I noticed that the IS300 is on the game (the Altezza and IS200 as well), even though it had not been released in the states at that time.
I'm guessing that most people already knew about this... Even though the engine is different in the game, anyone reproduce their car in GT2 yet?

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Originally posted by jiggafett:
In Japan they also have a game called "Altezza Racing" for PS1, I hope I can get my hands on that one day, only thing is you'll need an adapter that reads copied and other regional discs. They sell them on various web sites appeox. $40. Anyway I spoke with a local game shop and they told me it would cost $80 for them to get the game, oh well. From what I have seen in some pics it look really fun to race. Have any of you out there seen this?

As far as GT2 is concerned I cheated a little, I dowloaded a code from my friend that gave me all licenses and 1 BILLION DOLLARS, I said holy sh*@. Boy did I hook up my Altezza's, and IS's.

Altezza Racing eh? Hmmm, something to keep in mind for my next business trip...
Originally posted by jiggafett:
Aye-yes300: Hook me up with one !

IS300GTE: 4,00hp? how? code?
Hmm, I'll tell you what... If and when I go on another business trip to Tokyo, I will pick up a few extra copies (if I can) and bring them back. Just so you know, there are no immediate plans for the company to send me overseas. It may be a few months.

And yes JW, you are right. It is only listed as the Lexus IS, but I was kind of thinking that since the game was released before the Lexus IS300's US release, that they didn't know the "official" model name of the car. Thus, just the "Lexus IS". This would also explain the engine/hp difference between the game and the real IS.
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Okay, so I'm confused... was there a "Lexus IS"? If not, wouldn't you think that the Lexus IS that is on Gran Turismo 2 is our beloved IS300?
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