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Gran Turismo 2

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Recently, I started to play Gran Turismo 2 again... out of curiosity, I went to the Toyota section and I noticed that the IS300 is on the game (the Altezza and IS200 as well), even though it had not been released in the states at that time.
I'm guessing that most people already knew about this... Even though the engine is different in the game, anyone reproduce their car in GT2 yet?

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Yeah, the IS300 isn't in GT2, they have an Altezza, a Lexus IS, and a Lexus IS200. Tom's Altezza is also there, but you have to win it.

You cheat on GT2!??! How despicable! :p

dyoo: GT2000 isn't GT3 from what I've heard, that's why they're calling it GT2000 as opposed to GT3. I think that GT2000 is just GT2 on steroids with a few extras...

jayru: controlling a car in GT2 takes practice and patience. Don't bust out with a 700HP JGTCC Skyline; you'll fishtail like there's no tommorrow if you don't brake and steer right. Start with a moderate FR car, and practice with that. You can get some FAQs from that'll teach you how to drive correctly in a rear wheel drive car. Like Daniel said, GT2 is as realistic as it gets, so you can't drive like you drive in Ridge Racer; that kind of driving makes you end up facing the wrong direction (spin out) or against the wall at a 100MPH (which can really slow you down...hehe)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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