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Gran Turismo 2

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Recently, I started to play Gran Turismo 2 again... out of curiosity, I went to the Toyota section and I noticed that the IS300 is on the game (the Altezza and IS200 as well), even though it had not been released in the states at that time.
I'm guessing that most people already knew about this... Even though the engine is different in the game, anyone reproduce their car in GT2 yet?

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Gran Turismo series have the best physic engine in any video game, this is a fact no one can deny. Because of this, many of us used to racing game cannot adopt to it at first because you cannot just go fast and turn whenever you want. The best way to approach GT 2 is to think that you are driving a real car, so you know that there is a limit. Now keep that in mind and drive around, you will find out that it becomes easier to drive around the course without hitting the wall.
BTW, I believe there are at least 2 version of GT2 out there, one of which is the very first release where the 99% bug and test drive bug (the one that erase your garage) exist. The 2nd version is the one that Sony fixed these bug and a few other. There were never an official press release about this, but I have heard rumor about it and probably is true since the game has been out this long already.
BTW, what have been you guys' fastest time around Laguna Seca? And with what car? I don't want hybrid, I want a result from a real car so the result is comparable to what may happen in real life. I don't consider driving the hybrid fun, because you take all the fun of beating the faster cars with a slower, less HP car.
And to make this GT2 related, I think Altezza RS handle very nice in the game even when it is left in stock trim. For those of you who have played GT2 Altezza RS and driven the car in real life, how close does it resembel the real thing? I know the BMW was pretty close, but I cannot verify the Altezza. Now I need to go back and try IS300 (I don't remember seeing it) and see how close it much my car
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GT3 is GT2000. GT2000 was the unofficial name for it, Sony renamed around October or Novermber to GT3 as its official name. I don't believe there will be another GT for PSone.
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