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AutoBlog said:
In Los Angeles, the 101/405 interchange is so congested that in 2002 it was determined that 27,144 hours per year were wasted trying to get from one freeway to the other. That's over 1,100 days. Per year. Not only does that number sound wildly low, but we guarantee it's gotten worse in the last seven years. Much worse. But according to a new study, GPS-systems with real-time traffic info can save American drivers four days a year of being mired in lousy traffic.

Now, we're taking this particular study with a grain of salt because it was sponsored by nav-system data-provider NAVTEQ. Still, even if it's only half true, we'll take our two days back. Here's what they did: The study looked at three types of drivers in a metro area (in this case the German cities of Dusseldorf and Munich), drivers with no navigation, drivers with static navigation and drivers with real-time traffic enabled navigation.

Not surprisingly, the third group of drivers spend 18% less time on their trips than the other two sets. Multiply those results out over a year and you save four days. Not only that, but it would lower the average driver's CO2 output by 21%. Of course, we're not sure how this would effect time spent stuck on interchanges like the aforementioned 101/405 where there's always traffic – no matter what – and there's really no other way to go.
Study: GPS systems with real-time traffic can save drivers four days per year, cut emissions by 21% — Autoblog
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