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I was driving my moms 98 jaguar Vanden PLas to get a carwash (too lazy), as i am cruising at 50 on a 45 i see this car pull out in my lane and i start slowing down, by the time i am 2-3 car lenghts behind him i flick him off :pissed: :pissed: , he was changing lanes and see's me do this swerves back into my lane and jams on the brakes :pissed:, whenn this happend i had not enough time to stop my self, boom right into his rear left hand side, the guy immediatley gets outa his car and starts threatening me and scars the crap out of me i close the window and he walks back to his 97 ford escort. he calls the cops i call my parents they get down to the site and 1 hour later the trooper found it to be my fault and gives me a moving violation 80.00 dollars.

Should i pay the ticket keep points?

should i go to driving school and pay 70.00

or should i plee not guilty?

Unfortunatley neither car left skid marks that pretty much changed the whole thing.

My insuramce is going to go up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :pissed:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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