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Only one cop up here really cares about the front tag but he told me as long as it can be seen from front of car it was of (he was cussin at me and all), so I put it in my window and then they see me the other night (when I was on my way to the E.R. with 103-104 temp.) they see me pull over to ask my friend to take me cause I could hardly drive and then the cops told everyone to leave, got on there microphone and to ME to leave while I was walking/wobbling
to my car and followed me out pulled me over, searched me to my socks and all of my car, called me a dope head
, all while I telling them I need to go to the E.R., the cop that told me I could put it in my window then told me I could not and gave me a ticket so I had to wait until later that night to go to the E.R.!!! So next time I see him im going to ask if he likes holding up stops signs
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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