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Good quote on IS

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Hey guru's,

I got a pretty good quote, (better than I intially thought), for:

$32,750.00 w/ moonroof, LSD, heated seats, Black LP package, luggage mat and wheel locks

Sound good?

If we get some more sales at my work, I'll be in the dealership by the end of the month hopefully.
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I doubt that includes tax, without the rebate and all. That's a fair price, nothing to jump for joy over. You should wait for another incentive or just for the end of the '01 model year if you wanna be financially wise about it (of course, I know how tempting it is to just pay the extra $$
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Originally posted by Kanine21:
Just went to and found that under my zip code/area, all the options I want, plus destination charge, EVERYTHING brings an invoice price of $30548!!

that's $2200 less than what the dealer wants.

Is that a "small" profit?
Haha, absolutely not. This is why you don't pay sticker, you're getting RIPPED. Normal profit, which they should be more than happy with, is 2% (about $1200), and sometimes even that's too much. For example, Honda gives dealerships a 2% holdback (2% of the MSRP) for keeping cars on their lots. My car came off the truck, got my accessories installed, got detailed, and I picked it up. That was an extra $300 they got for nothing! But they wouldn't budge on it, because it's sure-fire profit for them. This is why you should always come to the table with your stacks of research and a price that you are willing to offer them which is both fair to you and fair to them, taking into account every piece of money that will trade hands.
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