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Good quote on IS

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Hey guru's,

I got a pretty good quote, (better than I intially thought), for:

$32,750.00 w/ moonroof, LSD, heated seats, Black LP package, luggage mat and wheel locks

Sound good?

If we get some more sales at my work, I'll be in the dealership by the end of the month hopefully.
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That's without tax & liscense.

A guy from the dealer in Bellevue said it was good and that he couldn't match it.

So my question is, why do I hear about people getting these things LOADED with all the goodies, every option I want, but for $31,800 for example?

Is it the state thing or something? I would think Cali would be higher priced than Wash, don't you all?

I'm stuck!!
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Just went to and found that under my zip code/area, all the options I want, plus destination charge, EVERYTHING brings an invoice price of $30548!!

that's $2200 less than what the dealer wants.

Is that a "small" profit?
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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