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I've found a gentleman who is willing to part with his 2002 IS300 and I want some opinions. It's a GGP E-shift with all services done at Lexus, 28k miles ( :pissed: too many!) and Navigation. His ad asked 26,500 but I've talked to him a few times and he said he'd sell it for 25k firm.

I know I can buy a new one for 4 grand more. I don't want to. 4 grand is too much for new car smell. Do you think I should try and find one with less miles or get this one cause it's got Navi???

I posted how much KBB sucks and it's becoming more and more evident as I shop. Average price is 27k for an 02. THAT SUCKS. People want too damn much for thier cars. A dealer in San Diego here wants 33,000 for an 02 with NO NAV!!! WTF????

What do you guys think?
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