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Alright, well for those of you that don't know me, my name is Easton. I am 18 years old. I pay for everything that comes/came with this car and still love and cherish it until this day.

Well lets start the story...
I was 15, and my dad had a friend with an SRT boosted IS300 and he took me for a ride for it and right there, I fell in love.

So I was looking all over for these things in New Orleans and had absolutely no luck. I joined the forum on my 16th birthday and started doing my research. FINALLY, the time came I found it.
The day I bought my gem, 2001 MSM IS300 with 34,xxx miles on it for 13,200! With a little help from family and savings everything was said and done. August 28th, that was the day I received my car.

So when I first got the car I absolutely HATED the tail lights. I don't know what it was, but I think it's the chrome and MSM combo, it just did not pop. So in the first week I ordered these sweet ebay taillights which I thought were the shit at the time...mistake

Soon after I got a pretty sweet hookup with lightwork, thanks Mike. Oh anybody that needs light work...Flashtech! This was done in eh late September I'd say.
Well I was sick of the chrome headlights and all so it was time for a retrofit. I got E46 M3 Bezels and TSX Projectors with 6000k bulbs along with a 3000k HID Kit

Well then there was a slow period with my car, I lowered it on Tokico blues and Tein S-Techs, in January this was the time I bought useless random shit for my car. Along with the drop, I bought that lame AAC Carbon Fiber License Plate garnish which fit like shit and I was readjusting everyday, I also bought exhaust, Greddy Ti-C to be exact, at one time I also painted my emblems a charcoal color. Finally, my ricer days were coming to an end after this mod, I painted my wheels gunmetal with a blue lip...lame I know. Here are some pictures from around that time this was still all within the first 6 months of owning my car still. So all of this was done eh lets say between October and February.

Did an autocross class...

Well the ricer days gradually came to a halt finally.

This was the time I was dying for many choices. At first I was going to get these Wedsports with fitment and everything but they ran out of stock then I wanted Rotas and I was going to have some fitment but my friend quickly talked me out of it and talked me into buying 17x7 +42 Work CR Kai's WOOOO...once again bad idea...
Here were my first two choices

Well once I ended up getting the works I was oh so happy to have my sweet JDM wheels so I put them right on!
God, do I feel stupid looking back on all of this...I guess you live and learn!

Soon after I bought the blue Works lug nuts w/ locks of course...

All of this had happened by February-March of 2009

Well then there was another slow period where I didn't buy too much for the car. I had bought a few things.

Flashtech hooked me up with their new halos...

My boy traded me his AAC Carbon Pillars for my stock ones...oh by the way these are the first ever made ;)

I had placed a pretty big order for some Aero and finally got that in along with my JDM Rear bumper


Then I had 3 or 4 things still coming in off that Japan boat!
It was a waiting game, finally after a good 7 or 8 months of waiting the other big box came in!
Sadly these parts sat in the shed for a good six months at least...

Well April came along for one of our biggest shows of the year, I was on the way to my boys house from the mall to detail my car and suddenly one of my wheels magically fell off. It turned out someone loosened my lug nuts and they all fell off down the road and when I hit the turn the lock stripped right off! It really messed up my quarter panel and inner wheel well...I wouldn't be making it to the show in my car this year! Look instantly, AIR RIDE! Luckily the hub landed on top of my rim doing no damage to my axle.

Well after all that, I talked about giving up, but I didn't. The car wasn't waxed and I did not really care for it too much anymore. I knew I wouldn't care until it was looking right again.

We had another meet about a month later, I had traded my taillights for some titanium SD tails which I couldn't be happier with, but the car was still looking lame.

Still a lame car I was ending and I had been saving. I sold the Cr Kai's and was rolling on 3x TSX Stockies and 1 Gunmetal IS300 Stockie lol. While mounting all the stockies, the OEM lug nuts shit out on me. Not one, but TWO of them literally broke in half on the stud...I was baffled at what to do and I went around to various places being given 150-200$ quotes to get the broken lug nut off, there was nothing to grab on to. I got pretty pissed about it and took a drill to it and nothing was working, I found a socket and wrench and hammered the shit on there and finally got these things off!

So every day I was looking for new sets of wheels all over the interwebs. I had my eye on these polished VS-XX's and once I had finally got the money to order them. Sadly, they were sold :(...I wasn't meant to have those in the end, a day later I found what I had always wanted...not Rotas, but the real things...fitment was right around the corner. I got them in, I didn't take pictures they just sat in the boxes for about a month...for those who do not know they are Rays LMGT4's 18x8.5 +25 18x9.5 +30.
It was the end of June and I had been working my ass off all day everyday to get these things on. I ordered my Stance coilovers and with just enough money for my birthday in July I ordered my 225/40 Nankangs.

By the end of July everything was in :)

The time had come for me to step up my game and finally take that big step!

^ That was still with shock & springs

The next day after the tire mounting headache and lug hunt headache I got my shit together and put on the coilovers.....

Well everything was on and it was time to go visit my dad in arizona for a few weeks.


Ok I got back and worked my ass off even in arizona!

I now had the money to afford body work and all.

*July 28th, 2010*

The car was entered into the body shop and is having all of my aero sprayed and rear quarterpanels rolled flat and pulled along with the fronts pulled a lot and rolled flat and resprayed.
The car is still in the shop as of today (September 2, 2010) and will be out on Tuesday!

While my cars been in the shop I've managed to scoop up some Altezza window visors, a Altezza Z-Edition Black chrome grill, and a polished JIC Front strut bar.

I was also featured on a few sites:
Louisiana IS SouthRn FresH
Where Culture meets Style: Simple IS Clean
NIGHT-IMPORT: Lexus IS300 Silver Combo


Going in to sand everything down tomorrow after school!

Well my 215/40's came in for the front and I got the tires mounted. Theres not much more to be done :)

Heres another shot:

I promise all of you, I will keep my fellow'ers updated with everything that goes on with my car. I've enjoyed being here, learning new things, and being flamed from time to time.
Thank you for everything you have brought to me!


Got the car from the paint shop last night, come to find out the painter dropped the car on the jack pole without realizing it thus already slightly cracking the front splitter, but oh well.
I took some pictures today, I need to get together with a photographer after I detail it Friday
Overall, I'm happy with it and plan to go a little bit lower up front, I didn't realize how really bad the streets were
here until I drove it around today..

*UPDATE* 10-10-10
Here's some more pictures of my car along with my boy daniels

Sunday 10-31-10

We had our Hellaflush/WFC Meet Halloween Drift Bash!

I'm still waiting on pictures from one more of the photographers that got some great shots of my car, well heres a teaser :p

Tease, tease, tease...

Heres another


Heres all the top pictures taken of my car from Louisiana's first Hellaflush/WFC Halloween Drift Bash, pretty nice turn out for a first time thing (24 car) it may not seem like a lot to you Cali guys but our scene is starting to grow, most of the things out here go real fast..


CanIBeat did a full feature on my IS300, it's come along way and this feature kind of proved it to me!
Here is the full feature:
Katrina Torn – Canibeat

Now some other pictures not in the feature.
























Had a long talk with insurance, it turns out in about 6 months or so when my 3rd year of driving comes along my insurance will drop dramatically. I will also be able to claim as an independent parent since me and the old lady aren't married and that will drop my insurance even more.

I parted out with my SRT intake & ecu, I had buyers for near everything else. After taking off the intake, I said to my self, there is no way I can do this to the rest of the car and have it sitting like the car at the beginning of this thread.

Turns out theres a pretty damn good chance everything will work out. I got quotes on other cars and what I had wanted is $10-$20 more or less a month, which is no big deal. The car will be for sale as stock for the next week, if I have a buyer, I'll probably look for an AR or CWP 5-speed and just switch out all of the parts, if not, then it looks like I'll be sticking to my plan and keeping this car for quite a while more, hopefully even forever :)
Kit is off, safely sitting in the shed.

Raise up the front a wee bit, put a 7mm spacer in the rear, I rub on big bumps now when I go 40+ mph.

at the hospital now, had him a few hours ago!

now back to business,

should I???

Update 2-15-11
my first time polishing and refinishing

finished one of the fronts, stripped, sanded, refinished the lip

going to do one of the rears tomorrow night

finished these two officially...well kinda, still need a tad touching up before mounting

OH...but wait...a teaser???


ohhhh i guess i won't hold out on you guys


This morning I woke up to a broken driver side window with a missing wallet, ipod, but they managed to leave the 300$ camera lense in the car. I'll post a pic when I get the chance



I went ahead and wetsanded and repolished my headlights, they came out great. In the pictures it was in between sanding so they do look foggy

more pictures why not

UPDATE April 12, 2011

I put back on the kit. I have a few events coming up until summer, so I decided to get everything put together. In my opinion it looks perfect, very little could be done to make the exterior look any better (in my eyes).

Here are some pictures I took at night, I'll post some rolling shots/day time shots sometime this week.

Heres a little update: 6-12-11

My projector fell into my housing so I haven't had a front bumper on for the past few days along with no headlight, I got some new wheels on yesterday 18x9 18x10 +25 215/40 225/40 (literally same tires I had on my Rays)

My mom somehow rolled over my camera lense, not sure how that happened.

Ummm ripped out a set of HID's for my fogs.

This is the last official picture of my car before the new wheels went on!

Oh and to anybody that loved my profounds, their for sale ;)


July 2011

18x9 18x10 +25.

August 22nd, 2011

Probably the some of the last pictures of the car looking like so with these wheels, I'll be running 19x9.5 +25 19x10 +19 next.



ORDENS 19x9.5 +25 19x10 +19, maxed out camber all around, ended up not needing camber bolts, -3.5 front -5.4 rear.

So i had a few things resprayed/repaired fixed my ride height, and buffed the headlights.


I'd like to step up to 235/35's

but eh, here's the pictures


Just mounted some 235/35's on the rear, much happier with everything how it's sitting, on a good search for a supercharger kit and Torsen LSD so I can start drifting hopefully


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he probably just received the box.. :disagree:

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Yeah, I swear someone posted that pic before. lol

Anyways...If you are planning on slapping the OEM "L" badge on that Altezza grille let me know, because I am selling my modified emblem that's ready to be mounted on any Z-edition grille. Let me know!
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