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Evidently Lexus Midwest is giving away $30 gift certificates to to people who test drive the IS300 between now and mid-October. It is, however, by invitation only. They are only giving away 1000 gift certificates so I don't know whether we will make it in time. We'll see I guess.

My wife and I went and test drove the IS this Saturday and I have to say that I was very impressed. I was really having to fight myself to keep from buying one on the spot (this is why I don't test drive cars much). I have resolved myself to wait until the manual comes out before I buy one just so I don't wonder if I made the right decision.

I wonder if this is indicative of the IS not selling as well as they hoped in the midwest. I hope not because I would like to see the IS take away a bit of BMW's market share in this segment.


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