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I bought the Pioneer XM NavTraffic unit for my AVIC Z1. I tried mounting it under the passenger side dash, but I was afraid people might accidentally kick it. There wasn't enough room behind the glove box. For trunk mounting, there is an extension for the data cable, but I didn't see one for the IP-BUS wire. There was some room under the driver's side dash if you went all the way up, but that was too awkward for me to get to. Also, I wasn't sure what would be safe to drill into.

Eventually, I ended up routing the wires to the driver's side B pillar, and having the wires drop down under my seat. To keep hot air from hitting it directly, I covered the left-most vent with e-tape and made a small heat shield out of lexan and shoe goo. Since I have black interior, the wires (wrapped in e-tape) aren't too noticeable, but it still annoys me.

So...where did you mount your GEX P10XMT?

BTW, I was at and saw a couple coupon codes

Fat Tony said:
Who is the man, that that has XM coupons in his hand?
Fat Tony!
He's a bad muthf... SHUT YOMOF!
I'm jut talkin'bout Fat Tony!

These only work OVER THE PHONE, not on the computer sign up.

XM Radio $77 for one year: ZWINBACK This is ONLY for returning coustomers, but if you insist on using it, it will work. At first they said no, then when I asked for a supervisor, I was put on hold and was told that it wasn't a problem and they honored it.

XM Free for 3 months & no activation: OEM001NNA No questions, no hassles, badabing.

XM Satellite Radio Promotion Access Log In Know somebody who works at XM? You can get family discounts or employee plans. Play around [email protected], [email protected], etc. Didn't try this, because I couldn't get a name right. Never thought to ask. Me am tarded.

FREE NAVTRAFFIC!!!! Use the first method as described above. Then tell them that you'd like navtraffic but it's too expensive, blah blah blah. They will give you three months for free! Once they add on the three months free, pay for the year (9 months) and you is done.
garrettoomey said:
I used zwinbackmyp1 today and got $77 for the first year, $0 activation, and 3 month free trial for nav traffic.
Results may differ based on who you talk to. People recommend that you hang up, and call again until somebody gives you what you want.

I just got the 3 mo. free. The lady I spoke to asked if it was a factory installed XM unit...I said, "I guess so, it was there when I got the car."
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