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Getting your rims POLISHED?

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I have the 17inch rims, not the graphite polished ones. I was wondering where if at all I can get them polished, I live on Long Island NY, Anyone know where and how much this costs? I love the car, and I love the world? I dunno whatever...lemme know


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what do u mean by polish? as in chroming them?

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I talked to some companies that repair and polish rims.

Get a new set of 4.

It's gonna cost almost 200 for each rim.
Not worth it.
What color car for the Graphite rims??
My car is black..yea I want them like chrome. there the 17 inch aluminum ones...I want them chrome.

What do I do where do I go?


ScoochyDawg -
if you're not wasted, a day is.
Talk to your dealer. They can recommend a shop.

Chroming usually runs about 600 for 4 wheels i think...

DON'T go through your dealer. They usually work with wheel repair/chroming shops and hike up the price.

If they can't recommend, just look up wheel repairs, chroming etc in the Nynex. You'll find shops.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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