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That looks pretty clean, but I have had bad experience with pioneer units in general. I would say either get an eclipse or see if you can get your hands on an alpine w200. I have the w200 and LOVE it.

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Yeah, i like it in person. Its definatly decent for 499. As far as not having the navi ability...i don't really need it. I have a gps i can stick on the window if needed but i don't really use it.

So pioneer kinda sucks.....hmm. I'll see if i will get some kinda warrenty with it.

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Green? Nice, I'm north of Crackron :)

That thing looks pretty slick!
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I've had the chance to install two of these already. It seems to be a nice unit and has the new sleek look of the 08' pioneers. The kinda cool thing was that it utilizes one harness versus two, which made installing them a lot cleaner in tight spot vehicles. The park brake bypass is the same as most in-dash monitors. Feels like a toy when you first pick it up, but for the most part it seems to be pretty good. Just giving it time to see how most consumers respond to it and for feedback until then.

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ck out the clarion max685bt

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The culmination of technology and life, Clarion delivers the next generation of Multimedia control
Enjoy powerful video from the wide 7-inch screen and the flexibility to expand and enhance your system by adding XM Satellite Radio via the XM Mini-Tuner direct connection. Linking your iPod® has never been easier with the new USB iPod® direct connection. New for 2008 is a built-in Bluetooth® receiver, which makes connection to Bluetooth® enabled devices such as Portable Device and mobile phones quick and easy. Clarion has once again delivered the ultimate Multimedia Station.

Remote Control

MP3/WMA/AAC Compatible with ID3-TAG display
Official DivX® Certified product
Plays all versions of DivX® video (including DivX® 6) with standard playback of DivX® media files
18 FM / 6 AM station presets
Rear USB connector
WMDRM10 compatible through rear USB
Motorized sloping control panel with 7-inch QVGA color LCD monitor
Built-in Bluetooth® Hands-free (HFP & OPP) and Audio Streaming(A2DP & AVRCP)
iPod® direct control via USB
XM Mini-Tuner Direct Connection Ready
3-band parametric equalizer
MAGNA BASS EX dynamic bass enhancement
CeNET Control of: HDD Navigation (NAX980HD/NAX970HD)
RGB input for navigation
Built-in LPF/HPF
Subwoofer volume control
24-bit D/A converter
6 ch RCA output and 2 ch RCA output for 2-Zone
1 AUX AV input (2 ch Audio + Video)
50 W × 4 Built-in MOS-FET Amplifier
2-Zone entertainment: Front and Rear separate source control
DSP tuner with variable bandwidth
Optional 3rd Party OEM steering wheel remote ready
Built-in IR Eye (RCB187 Remote Included)
HDD Navigation

Optional NAX980HD

Expand your horizons with the NAX980HD Hard Disk Drive Navigation system. This extremely advanced system seamlessly integrates with the VRX785BT and MAX685BT, and utilizes an easy-to-use touch panel control accented by a high-resolution graphic interface. This is all made possible by the proprietary high speed signal processing and dedicated CPU which makes route planning and POI selection faster and more accurate than you have ever experienced. The included on-board Graphics Processing unit allows for high-resolution 2D and 3D maps as well as menus that can deliver more in-depth information.


iPod® Direct Control via USB

The best in iPod® control, Clarion’s Direct USB iPod® control enables you to connect your iPod®. No extra cables and no need for costly custom installation, once again Clarion delivers the best in connectivity.

* To connect iPod, please use the USB cable attached to iPod.

* For video playback , optional CCA723 cable required

* Please see the Clarion website for iPod models that can be connected.


The built-in High Pass and Low Pass filters allow your music to be played at the precise levels that they were intended to be heard. Better mid-bass, crisper tweeters, its all there, Clarion engineers are as fanatical about great sound as you are, all you have to do is listen to hear the difference.

Digital Media Ready (DivX®)
DivX® is a common media language that delivers a pure digital experience, Clarion had provided DivX® playback on most of its 2008 In-dash video line-up. DivX® enriched video files deliver superior video quality and allow more information on a single disk. Once again Clarion delivers the features you expect.

2-Zone Entertainment

The VRX785BT and MAX685BT feature a 2-Zone entertainment feature. This means front seat passengers can enjoy the radio, play a CD, listen to their iPod®, or follow directions from the NAX980HD, while rear seat passengers view video entertainment.

Built-in Bluetooth® Hands-Free Calling

Mobile telephones have become a necessity in business and in life. Clarion has once again broke the connectivity barrier by including built-in Bluetooth® connections in both the VRX785BT and MAX685BT. This allows your Bluetooth® capable mobile telephone to deliver your phone calls audio through the vehicles audio system and allowing for hands-free communication.

XM Mini-Tuner Direct Connection

The next evolution of satellite radio, the XM Mini-Tuner allows you the versatility to bring XM Satellite Radio with you wherever you go for the price of one paid subscription. Simply Connect the XM Mini-Tuner and XM Mini-Tuner Dock to Clarion’s XM ready devices and let the entertainment begin.


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thats cool. Not sure if im diggin the controls on the opposite side though.
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