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Genuine JDM Altezza for $14k

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Don't know if anyone has posted this here (I'm new
) but...

In Miami there is a real 1998 Toyota Altezza stick shift for sale for only $14,000. Only 17k miles on it! It was used as a test car, and is being sold with an export title. Came across this gem when I was looking for any interesting salvaged cars.


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Wow! looks like a good deal... but "test car?" I wonder how much punishment its been through?
That's probably the Altezza AS200 with the 1G-FE engine.
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an the steaing whel be switched to the otherplace if so i would by it
can get this and that altezza for just a bit more then the IS, LOL that would be one nice setup.

That shifter looks pretty damn long throw.
can the stearing wheel be changed to a diffrent place
Actually, I think I can get a pretty
sweet even trade for my is for this
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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